November 30, 2015 by Cory Hays

Tree Removal Beware!

free fallen over needs serviceConsider these tree removal tips to ensure safety at is a hazardous undertaking that should be left to professionals. However if the tree you would like to remove is relatively short and small, it may be possible to tackle the task yourself of hire professional Sheffield tree surgeons. At the very minimal you will need to assemble equipment such as protective gear, first aid kits, chainsaw, ladder, rope, ax and wedges.

The best assessment of whether or not the tree removal job can be handled by amateurs is determining how dangerous the removal of the tree would be For trees that have grown too close to power lines, houses and other structures, you should get a professional to help out If you decide to remove the tree yourself, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying chips and debris.
  2. Wear a hard hat to protect your head from falling branches.
  3. Wear clothes with a snug fit.
  4. Don’t forget your earplugs for the noise.
  5. Beware of potential damage to sidewalks, driveways and lawns from heavy tree trunks dropping. For tree removal you should; never cut trees from a ladder because it’s easy for the ladder to kick out and cause a serious fall, never allow spectators in the area because trees don’t always fall where you plan and finally, never wear spikes for climbing trees unless the tree is being removed because spikes damage tree bark.

tree trimmer climbing a treelf you have determined that the tree removal job does not pose a risk to your safety, proceed with caution. Make sure you have adequate tools for the job and use them in a safe manner. Begin by trimming as many small branches as you can.

Once you have completed this, out the larger branches until you have a tree stub, no taller than one foot above the ground. Carefully out around the stump, exposing the roots. Cut the smaller roots, leaving only the stump of the tree in the middle and the tap root.

Continue digging around the stump until the stump and the surrounding packed dirt begin to move. Carefully remove the stump and begin filling the hole. Tree removal should be a last resort because not only do well-cared-for trees add value and beauty to your property but also support local ecology. Tree specialists can often diagnose and treat many problems that would otherwise require cutting down the tree.

September 25, 2015 by Cory Hays

Why You Need To Know The Importance of Wind Load

Nature has various forms of powerful forces. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods are some of them to name a few. Nature’s fury can also be very well seen or experienced during hurricanes, storms and tornadoes! The force of nature that is common cause of destruction in all of these three phenomena are WINDS! Fast, furious, vague and strong wind energies! These forces cause mass destruction every year on our planet, resulting in the loss of lives and properties.

To prevent or reduce these losses during such wind calamities, a concept of Physics called WIND LOAD is widely used in the modern day construction field. This concept is extensively used by scientists, architects, and engineers during the designing and construction phases of tall buildings or skyscrapers which need to face speedy winds or harsh weather conditions. Hence the Wind Load is calculated for the safety of life and property.

What Is Wind Load?

Before we go deeper into the concept of Wind Load, you need to understand what exactly it is. In simple language, it is the force, pressure or impact exerted by the wind on a structure. Higher this wind impact on a structure, higher the Wind Load whereas lower the wind impact on a structure, lower the Wind Load. It is the load which a structure carries during various wind velocities.

Why To Calculate Wind Load?

wind_loads_calculationsAs already discussed, calculating Wind Load is important to prevent damages to a structure. With its application, wind patterns and wind impacts are studied, and a wind resistant environment is created wherein the chances of danger to life and property due to winds are minimized.Although one note worthy point here is that Wind Load depends on the dimensions of the structure as well. The shape, size, area, design, material, etc of the structure are the factors which have their impact on the Wind Load. For example, the Wind Load on a small house will be different than the Wind Load on a tower, at the same place under same wind speed. You can calculate these factors with a wind load calculator or you can use the formula we discuss next.

How To Calculate Wind Load?

Wind Load can be calculated with the below mentioned formula –
F = A x P x Cd
where, F = Wind Load, A = Area of the surface, P = Wind Pressure, Cd = Drag Coefficient

You may use basic formula to calculate Area depending on their shapes and insert it in the above formula for calculating Wind Load.

The unit of Wind Pressure is Psf meaning “pounds per square foot”. Wind Pressure is calculated with below formula –
0.00256 x V^2
where, V = speed of the wind in miles per hour

Now, regarding the calculation for Drag Coefficient, it is the value depending on the shapes of the object or structure on which the wind will have an effect. Different shapes have different resistance powers to winds and these values are nothing but the Drag Coefficients of those particular shapes. The Drag Coefficients of various shapes are already determined by the engineers! These values can be directly inserted in the formula for calculating Wind Load.

This was the basic formula to determine the Wind Load on a structure, but there are other factors or variables as well which may to be taken into account while calculating the Wind Load. These factors are wind speeds at different heights, wind directions, temperature, etc.

With this, you would understand how important the concept of Wind Load is in modern day constructions!So the next time you look at a huge building or a tall bridge, just thank the engineers in your mind and wonder what Wind Load that structure is carrying!

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May 2, 2015 by Cory Hays

What is a Chimney Sweep and how often should you get one?

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) describes a chimney sweep as a two-part process where the first step entails inspection of a chimney to determine if it requires cleaning. The second part involves the actual removal of any soot, creosote or blockage occurring within the chimney and related chambers such as the damper, firebox, and smoke chamber. CSIA recommends the cleaning of a fireplace that has a soot buildup exceeding 1/8 of an inch in the chimney. Homeowners may experience challenges while attempting to assess for such buildups and it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional chimney sweep in Naperville.

The frequency of conducting a chimney sweep largely depends on some key factors such as the appliance and fuel type used, chimney type, duration of appliance used, and the moisture level of the wood. For ordinary use, such as during the evenings and weekends, sweeping the chimney once a year is adequate. However, if the heating appliance is used more frequently, sweeping at least twice a year is highly recommended. If your primary type of fuel is wood or coal, a quarterly sweep will ensure the chimney is clear all year round. If you use your fireplace often, a sweep may yield material that fills two five gallon buckets. If you can’t remember the last time you had your chimney swept, you probably need one. Get professional Naperville chimney sweeps.

Why is it Important?

There are numerous benefits of a chimney sweep. First, and most importantly, a sweep safeguards your health as well as the health of other occupants of the house. Combustion of gas and solid fuels may yield dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide. When exposed to the respiratory system and internal organs, such fumes may pose serious health hazards or prove fatal. Cleaning the chimney clears the flue allowing such gases to flow up and out of the chimney with ease.

A chimney sweep boosts the efficiency of heating appliances. Typically, a buildup of soot and creosote will reduce the burning efficiency of a heating appliance. Cleaning the chimney will clear the lining that carries oxygen required for combustion by eliminating additional barriers such as cobwebs and birds’ nests.

Sweeping your Naperville chimney also helps to minimize the risk of chimney fires. When you burn wood, one of the compounds produced is creosote, which is highly flammable. It normally attaches to the chimney. If the burning appliance is already defective and not working efficiently, creosote buildup may be higher than normal. Chimney fires can be tragic. At the very least, such a fire may cause significant damage to the chimney. In extreme cases, the fire may spread to the roof or engulf the entire house.

The smoke emitted when burning fuels can be a menace especially if there is a buildup of soot in the chimney. Continuous accumulation of these substances reduces the flue size and equally decreases the upward draw of smoke. If the chimney lacks enough pull, there may be a backdraft and cause the smoke to enter the house. The outcome is not pleasant; the smoke will irritate the nose and eyes and could cause serious health issues. It is also capable of ruining the decorations in the room, and staining the walls.

March 30, 2015 by Cory Hays

Look Out For Warning Signs To Engage Chicago Siding And Roofing Contractors!

Many homes will show signs of wear and tear after some years. When one is aware of the signs to look out for, then they are better placed to protect their home. It is when this wear and tear gets too advanced that the services of Chicago siding and roofing contractors is sought. This need not be the case. It is unfortunate that most homeowners will wait until the situation is beyond repair to hire the services of these experts. Had they sought their expert advice, maintenance, inspections, or repairs beforehand some wear and tear probably could have been avoided. The small warning signs should be the guide to call in the roofing Chicago contractors.

Waiting until the situation is beyond repair is putting the whole family at risk. Some of these signs are quite obvious such as finding puddles of water in your living room or bedroom floor. This goes to show that there certainly are some leaks on the roof that would need to be checked. Nevertheless, there are other signs that are not that obvious. These would require the expertise of such professional contractors. It is always advisable to have these maintenance checks done after a big storm. Reason being the storm may have damaged the roof or siding of the home that requires immediate repairs and or replacements.

The main excuse that homeowners will give for not engaging Chicago siding and roofing contractors for maintenance is because of the cost. These checks need not be done too frequently and are also quite affordable. Those that have homeowners insurance get to enjoy these services as often as they need to. Some of the common signs that should trigger one to engage the services of these professionals is when they notice stains on the ceiling inside the house, and curling or missing shingles. If a roofing problem is stopped before it progresses then there is the assurance of saving a lot of money avoiding a complete roof overhaul project.

External siding is designed in such a way that it is meant to last for many years and protects the home. This does not mean that it is not prone to wear and tear. Extreme temperatures and other elements can damage it. Damaged siding should not be left unattended. When repaired, it restores the beauty of the home and also reduces the incidence of risk to its occupants. Keeping an eye on all the warning signs of wear and tear will ensure that you call Chicago siding and roofing contractors on time, before something major has to be done.

Chicago Siding and Roofing Contractors

Chicago, IL

March 7, 2015 by Cory Hays

Cheap Fixes That You Should Not Miss for Home Value Boost


Are you looking for some ways to improve your house? Well, here’s something for you that not only answers those questions, but also answers the question of “How much does home improvement cost?” Here are some ways to fix those house problems of yours and, at the same time, save a couple of bucks as compared to hiring some professionals to do those tasks for you.

Well, the price of investment and the return of investment will definitely vary depending on two factors: one your home’s overall condition and two the real estate values of your country.

Starting with the kitchen, as it is considered the heart of the home, make your kitchen live up its name. Since it is where you make a hearty meal for your loved ones and/or guests, so be sure to tidy up the place. Nothing like a new set of faucets, cabinet doors, kitchen utensils, etc., could make this place look good.

home-improvement-ideas-and-tipsA few bucks would easily do for this part of the house. Painting the cabinets and drawers yourself is also an easy task to do in your spare time at the house. Face-lifting your appliance is one thing to do for sure in the kitchen realm if you’re into that matchmaking thing, like color coding of sorts. You can buy some new doors or face panels for those and install them yourself. So fix it up a new look and make your kitchen really cook.

Buff up the bath. Next is the bathroom. This is one of the most frequently-visited places in entire house. Obviously, here you take a bath, you defecate and urinate, even brush your teeth. This is also one of the most important rooms to have good maintenance. No need to spend so much here also. If your bathtub and your shower look stained and dirty, fix it up by tile re-grouting and tile replacement.

One of the important things in the house definitely is your storage space. So you have to have enough space for those. You can make your own befitted wardrobes instead of buying new ones as also buying another cabinet could definitely take more space.

Carpeting is one more aspect that can quickly bring up-to-date a house and make it look pleasing and decent. Carpet cleaning services are not that costly so availing those services isn’t that much a big of a deal. Replacement of lighting isn’t that much costly either. You can buy those on hardware stores which also has good-looking but cheap lightings.

Also, think of also updating your entries (e.g. front doors, backdoors, any doors) by reframing. Pay a little attention to the front doors also as it welcome everyone who enters your abode. A little repainting should do the trick. And as it is also your first line of defense from intruders, be sure to keep it secured with locks. For simple and cheap home improvement, there’s always a way to improvise. Be creative and be wise, think of saving money-wise.

But before you begin in everything that you have planned, it is also important to talk from a professional and make sure you deal in everything right. Always remember that home improvements will cost you money and investing too much for a mistake, is a total waste of time and effort. This is why planning right and take time to think of some things that you need to consider, will help you keep up the good plans and avoid the risk of getting the wrong result or unhappy with your home improvement.

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips