November 5, 2016 by Cory Hays

Why do Homeowners Need Sturdy Home Security Doors

residential-locksmithTimes are hard. Thefts and interruptions have turned out to be more widespread. Those occasions when you can leave your entryways opened and still rest calmly are gone. More families are putting in money for sophisticated alarm system despite the high costs. Warning devices serve as effective deterrents against thieves, trespassers and forced entries.
Another practical option for property owners is home security doors. Aside from unsecured windows, the front door is still the primary access of lawless elements in gaining access to residential units. Installing the security door is a viable method for reinforcing your safety and avoiding the exorbitant prices of purchasing and maintaining alarm systems or acquiring guard dogs. This barrier is an ideal but cost-effective solution that can provide absolute security for your abode and the entire family.

The primary function of the security door is to fortify the front and back entrance of your house. It also projects the impression that your home cannot be breached easily. There are both physical and psychological benefits that households can obtain from this almost impenetrable barrier. It also adds value to your domicile. One model of security door is like the traditional product made of fiberglass or wooden finish. The other category is pure steel or wrought iron with glass panel. This fixture comes in multiple styles although the colors are usually confined to black or white. There are also decorative designs that will make the house look more appealing. If you want to invest in this furnishing, consider all aspects carefully.

locked-doorIt may be advisable to order one that has the so-called strike box instead of simply a strike plate. These are more secure and hard to penetrate. Furthermore, the locks are secure so thieves cannot open it quickly. See to it that a deadbolt is fitted so the thief cannot pick the lock. The combination lock should have a minimum length of one inch or even longer. This will guarantee safety even if the burglar tries to pry the door open or break it down. The high-quality security door can withstand a huge amount of pressure. These fixtures are equipped with high-tech deadbolts that cannot be breached even if the burglar uses heavy-duty tools.

The basic dimensions of security doors can be likened to the standard front or back door of your house. In case you have French doors or sliding glass varieties, there are appropriate steel or wooden security doors for you to choose from. You can even purchase sliding steel security doors with metal and glass support and add-ons. Ask a professional technician to take the measurements before ordering one to make sure that it fits exactly. This will spare you the trouble of making adjustments or ordering replacements.

Indeed, home security doors are practical alternatives for the safety. Apart from the safety features, this security implement is one way of saving money on your home insurance plan. There is no reason for you not to try this product.

September 25, 2015 by Cory Hays

Why You Need To Know The Importance of Wind Load

Nature has various forms of powerful forces. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods are some of them to name a few. Nature’s fury can also be very well seen or experienced during hurricanes, storms and tornadoes! The force of nature that is common cause of destruction in all of these three phenomena are WINDS! Fast, furious, vague and strong wind energies! These forces cause mass destruction every year on our planet, resulting in the loss of lives and properties.

To prevent or reduce these losses during such wind calamities, a concept of Physics called WIND LOAD is widely used in the modern day construction field. This concept is extensively used by scientists, architects, and engineers during the designing and construction phases of tall buildings or skyscrapers which need to face speedy winds or harsh weather conditions. Hence the Wind Load is calculated for the safety of life and property.

What Is Wind Load?

Before we go deeper into the concept of Wind Load, you need to understand what exactly it is. In simple language, it is the force, pressure or impact exerted by the wind on a structure. Higher this wind impact on a structure, higher the Wind Load whereas lower the wind impact on a structure, lower the Wind Load. It is the load which a structure carries during various wind velocities.

Why To Calculate Wind Load?

wind_loads_calculationsAs already discussed, calculating Wind Load is important to prevent damages to a structure. With its application, wind patterns and wind impacts are studied, and a wind resistant environment is created wherein the chances of danger to life and property due to winds are minimized.Although one note worthy point here is that Wind Load depends on the dimensions of the structure as well. The shape, size, area, design, material, etc of the structure are the factors which have their impact on the Wind Load. For example, the Wind Load on a small house will be different than the Wind Load on a tower, at the same place under same wind speed. You can calculate these factors with a wind load calculator or you can use the formula we discuss next.

How To Calculate Wind Load?

Wind Load can be calculated with the below mentioned formula –
F = A x P x Cd
where, F = Wind Load, A = Area of the surface, P = Wind Pressure, Cd = Drag Coefficient

You may use basic formula to calculate Area depending on their shapes and insert it in the above formula for calculating Wind Load.

The unit of Wind Pressure is Psf meaning “pounds per square foot”. Wind Pressure is calculated with below formula –
0.00256 x V^2
where, V = speed of the wind in miles per hour

Now, regarding the calculation for Drag Coefficient, it is the value depending on the shapes of the object or structure on which the wind will have an effect. Different shapes have different resistance powers to winds and these values are nothing but the Drag Coefficients of those particular shapes. The Drag Coefficients of various shapes are already determined by the engineers! These values can be directly inserted in the formula for calculating Wind Load.

This was the basic formula to determine the Wind Load on a structure, but there are other factors or variables as well which may to be taken into account while calculating the Wind Load. These factors are wind speeds at different heights, wind directions, temperature, etc.

With this, you would understand how important the concept of Wind Load is in modern day constructions!So the next time you look at a huge building or a tall bridge, just thank the engineers in your mind and wonder what Wind Load that structure is carrying!